I’ve been so overwhelmed with work lately, that I’ve barely even had time to crochet. When I have, it feels like I’ve been on some kind of crazy mopping up project. There are half-finished bags, shawls and blankets all over our flat right now, and I really must plough through them as soon as I can.

Part of the problem has been that my sewing machine is broken, so I haven’t been able to make linings for the three bags I’ve finished lately. I’ve also only really been home to eat and sleep, so time to crochet has been minimal. Then when I did remember to bring a project to work with me, I brought the wrong sized hook. In case you were wondering, yes, I do feel a bit like a walking disaster area right now!

The one thing that has gone right over the last few days is shopping. Taking advantage of the Bank Holiday discount, I placed an order with Lizzet at The Fabric Loft. Just a small one, as I always do when trying out a new shop. The results of my experiment?

Bundle of fabric tied with red ribbon

Aren’t they gorgeous? Here, have a better look:

3 pieces of fabric spread out

Not only that, Lizzet dropped them round to me at my work, and let me know over Twitter that they’d arrived. What service! I’m delighted with them, and with the Amy Butler pattern I ordered at the same time. My sewing class is going well – I inserted an invisible zip last night, and am chuffed to pieces with how it looks – so hopefully I’ll be making myself “The ‘Liverpool'” pretty soon.

Or as soon as I borrow a sewing machine from someone…


2 thoughts on “Post!

  1. Laura,
    Thank you for your kind comments. I am glad you liked both the pattern and the fabrics. I have no problem at all delivering any parcels to your work and save you the postage and waiting time ๐Ÿ™‚ Just remember to enter code OXFREE for deliveries in OX1, OX2 and OX3.
    I am looking forward to read more new posts in your new crafty blog!
    If you need a good technician to repair your sewing machine, I know someone that is very professional. He doesn’t live in Oxford but I am sure he will have no problem with that. Probably I should give him a call to service a overlocker that was given to me (I have no idea of how to use it!).


    1. (sorry, slightly delayed response at this end! Have been at the seaside for a few days :))

      You’re a star, Lizzet, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ As soon as I figure out how to enlarge the pattern pieces, I’m making that reversible bag!

      Hopefully I’ve found someone to supply me with the part I need to repair my machine, but for now, I’ve borrowed one off a friend. There’s a shop in Reading that says it has what I need, but I want to go down there myself and see. Ooh, and also, there’s a new sewing shop opening in central Oxford on Blue Boar. Darn it and Stitch have had a stall at the antiques market for a while, but according to my sources, they open a shop this weekend. Should be interesting to go and check out!


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