I know I’m not the only one who’s always working on about 4 projects at once, but lately, it seems to have got out of hand. Also, I keep losing track of what is at which stage. Since nothing else I’ve tried seems to be sticking, my current list is under the jump.

I never mean to end up with this many projects on the go at once, but somehow, I always seem to get to a point with them where I can’t take them out and about with me. At that point, I need a *new* project to carry around, and…. Well. You can see how it happens. That’s probably why this is my 3rd Starling Bag (the green one, pattern here). It’s a lovely, pretty and above all simple pattern. Yes, I lose count occasionally, but it never gets big enough not to carry, and most of it is just row after row of the same stitch. No, it’s not complex, just satisfying, watching it grow and ending up with something as cute as this bag always turns out. My tiny little pink one is a huge hit everywhere I take it. The only drawback is that I forget how to do the FSC for the handles, so it’s been stuck at home for a while until I could get the instructions.

But I’ve got them now, and that’s the one I’m aiming to finish first. I’ll let you know how I get on!

More WsIP under the jump:

2 rows of ripple pattern crochet

This blanket now has 7 colours, but is still far from done. The problem I’m having is that it’s not portable, so I can only do it at home, and having put it out of the way, I forget all about it. The baby it’s for isn’t due until August, but I really need to get going on it. I love the colours, which are so much brighter than I’d usually choose, and this yarn is such a joy to work with, I can’t begin to tell you. It’s just Cygnet DK merino, but there’s something lovely about it that makes me smile every time I work with it. That can’t be a bad thing!

Green bag, currently without handles

This is a request piece, made of Debbie Bliss DK Cotton, which I talked about above

lacy brown shawl

After much faffing around trying to find a good pattern for this yarn (Rowan DK Bamboo), I settled on this and am delighted. It’s harder than anything I’ve attempted before, because it’s pattern rather than endless repeats, but it’s all the more satisfying because of it. The only problem with it is the amount of concentration required to get to the end of each row!

6 hexagons of blue wool

These are going to be a bag, and are a handy carry-around project, since I can make them off by heart now! Note to self: Find pattern designer for credit.

Purple a-line skirt

My sewing project so far! I love the colour, which is even brighter than it looks here, and it’s going really well. Unfortunately, my sewing machine is a)broken and b)lacking an invisible zipper foot, so I’ll have to wait until my next class on 6th June to sew the zip in, but at least there’s not much to do after that. It even fits!

[picture goes here]

No, that isn’t a mistake. I also have a sekkrit project that I’m working on, currently lurking in a white paper bag under the stereo. It’s so sekkrit that even I keep forgetting about it, so hopefully putting it on this list will remind me!


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